ideation / idea generation (parallel fields, brainstorming)

psychoanalytic analysis:

uncovering underlying beliefs and value systems

projective techniques:

collages, role play, personification, drawings/photos, videos


understanding brand within competitive context (mapping, villaging)

language techniques:

adjective lists, wish / aspirations lists, sentence completion


a segmentation model that incorporates qualitative learning (internal workshops, consumer psychoanalytics, qualitative meeting and naming of segments)

discrete choice (conjoint and trade-off):

used to optimize a product line, to test price, positioning statements, product features/characteristics, names

knowledge seeker (CHAID analysis):

searches every information point to prioritize and “tree” issues with the most impact on brand choice/use/preference

market impact model (market share predictor):

a predictive model for new product initiatives based on normative data

driver vulnerability analysis (brand image vs. ideal brand):

a simple means for stakeholders to view their brand image within its competitive set vs. the ideal brand in the category

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